Alternative Data Analytics Services

Leverage the power of alternative data for better decision-making

Our company specializes in data analytics services and consultation to help businesses leverage the power of alternative data. This page will discuss what alternative data is, how it can benefit your business, and how X-Byte can assist you in acquiring and analyzing alternative data sources.

Alternative data refers to data not traditionally used in financial analysis or decision-making. It can include social media posts, satellite imagery, web traffic data, and more. By analyzing alternative data sources, businesses can gain insights into market trends, customer sentiment, and other valuable information to help them make better business decisions.

How Can Alternative Data Benefit Your Business?

Alternative data can provide numerous benefits to businesses across different industries. By analyzing alternative data sources, companies can:

  • Identify emerging market trends and opportunities
  • Evaluate the performance of competitors and peers
  • Understand customer sentiment and preferences
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities in the market
  • Improve decision-making by gaining a more comprehensive view of the market and industry

Alternative Data Analytics Services at X-Byte

X Byte Analytics provides various alternative data analytics services to help businesses gain unique insights and make better decisions. Our data services include:


Our social media and product review analysis can provide businesses with a better understanding of how their products and services are perceived by their customers. We analyze social sentiment to help companies to monitor their brand reputation, identify potential risks, and gain insights into customer feedback.


X Byte Analytics offers satellite imagery that can provide businesses with valuable information on land use, resource management, and environmental monitoring. We use high-resolution imagery to help enterprises to make informed decisions about their operations, including crop management, infrastructure development, and natural resource exploration.


Our geolocation data services can help businesses understand the location patterns of their customers, competitors, and other key stakeholders. We provide data on demographics, foot traffic, and additional location-based insights that can help businesses optimize their marketing and sales strategies.


X Byte Analytics offers jet-tracking data services that can help businesses track the movements of private and commercial aircraft. Our data can help enterprises to gain insights into the travel patterns of high-net-worth individuals, corporate executives, and other influential people, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their operations and investments.


We provide data on website traffic and app usage to help businesses understand customer behavior patterns, track online presence, and optimize their digital marketing strategies.

Whether looking to optimize your digital marketing strategies, monitor your brand reputation, or gain insights into location-based trends, X Byte Analytics can provide the alternative data services you need to succeed in today’s data-driven world.

Partner with X-Byte for Your Alternative Data Needs

If you want to leverage alternative data power for your business, X-Byte can help. Contact us today to learn more about our alternative data services and how we can assist you in acquiring and analyzing alternative data sources for your business.
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